Common Sense Approach to ALL Issues:

  • What is The Basic Problem of Government?

    • Automatically, the Federal Government increases annual spending, but the country does not automatically produce more goods and services. This has caused the Government to grow faster than the country, over-running the people in terms of size and power

    • If you run your family’s budget based on automatic spending increases every year – it stands to reason that you must make more money proportionally to your spending increases. What happens if you don’t get pay raises proportional to your spending? – You go Bankrupt.
  • How do we get the Monster, that WE THE PEOPLE Created by our own neglect, under control?
    • We start by creating solutions

    • Anyone can stand up here and complain about the problems

    • It takes real leadership to come up with the solutions


  • Someone has to stand up and tell the truth.

  • Discuss our situation and shake a fist at lying career politicians.

  • Common Sense must prevail at every level of the repair.

  • The whole system must be taken apart piece by piece.

    • How do you eat an elephant?

      • One bite at a time


  • With a Federal budget that is out of control, why do we have automatic increases in department size each year? As a nation, how can we ever decrease our debt and repair the budget, if we don’t have enough money today, and our budget is guaranteed to grow each year? Right now – agencies are rewarded for spending more money without regard.

  • Create a ZERO BASED Budget

  • Let us start each year at ZERO and require each government program to prove why they need the dollars they are allotted, this is our only chance to shrink the size of the budget. The time of gimmicks and fiscal games is over, we can no longer, as a people, afford to avoid this problem.

  • This eliminates hundreds of useless agencies – simply because they will not have the means to justify their existence… Right now all they have to do is spend all the money allotted to them – recklessly in most cases, and the government rewards them with increases the next year.

  • At the end of the year, these changes would eliminate approximately 40% of our spending - eliminating the need for federal agencies to spend their surpluses to get their automatic increase the following year this is mindless waste.

  • I have seen firsthand, while in the Marines, how the Government spends money just to make sure they do not lose it the following fiscal year. I was once in a meeting where we were told to spend the rest of our budget, a little over sixty thousand dollars, in the next month because “if we did not spend it we would lose it”

  • Empower the leaders of the agencies to make common sense decisions

  • Reward them for making good fiscal decisions and cutting waste

  • Discipline them for creating waste.


Shrink the Federal Government

  • By implementing these tactics—zero based budget, stringent disciplinary strategies, and rewarding good behavior—spending will be under control, and therefore the Federal Government’s control will minimize.

  • With Currently over 2000 Government programs it is now time for us to be honest with ourselves and have real conversations about what our government does, and does not need to control. Why must we allow politicians in Washington to control programs that we on a state and local level could have a much better understanding of? Our Government was not founded to control every aspect of our lives, the founders knew it was better to let the people in each state control most of these items, and that is the way it needs to be returned.

    • PAY OFF our National Debt

      Over 16 Trillion dollars and counting, and if history holds the course none of our currently elected politicians have any desire to pay this off. Once we ZERO base the budget then we can have real conversations and solutions on how to pay our debts. No threat in the world is more dangerous to the security of our nation than this DEBT crisis. If left unchecked, it will not be foreign powers that bring America to her knee’s, it will be the greed and spending of our own Government. Let us, the people, stand together, and find solutions that make sense and decide what sacrifices are needed to save our great nation.
    • Lower Taxes

      For the year 2013 the federal Government will take in more taxes than ever, with a little over 2.7 trillion in revenue. Why do we send all of this money to Washington to watch it be wasted? I propose to let the citizen who works for their money keep more of it and allow each individual person inside this country have a hand in building our economy again. This will not only help Americans who are struggling it will also give each citizen a stake in the game. A little known fact is individual income taxes only make up 40% of the revenue in our country, let us try to cut that in half and give the people 540 billion dollars of their money back.

      Currently, Our politicians talk about immigration reform, discussing and passing new laws or changing current ones is all they know how to do. What we really need is Politician reform, we have the current laws in place to handle immigration problems if our Government would just enforce them. Maybe it is time for Congress to hold people accountable when they ignore federal law, and make federal employees follow the laws that Congress has passed. Enforcing these laws alone would help stop the flow of ILLEGAL immigrants across our borders.

    • LET SMALL Business in America Grow

      Nothing is more powerful than a free person working for themselves. However, our current Government policies are a crushing weight on people trying to start or run a small business. This latest economic crisis was caused by bad Government policies. Let’s remove the years of regulations that have slowed down the entrepreneur and allow our greatest resource, the American people themselves, to make this nation strong again. And since most Americans depend on small business for employment, nothing in this nation could create good jobs faster.

Gun Rights and Abortion

Defender of the 2nd Amendment:

Our founders knew, that without the second amendment our citizens had no way to protect themselves from oppression and tyranny. I have already taken one oath to protect and defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic when serving in the Marine Corps. In the case of the second amendment we have domestic enemies to our Constitution trying to tear at the fabric of our founding, and take away our rights and protections provided within. As a former weapons instructor, and Patriot I will not allow this attack to continue. I will stand up and defend our rights provided under the second amendment against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Protecting life:

I believe that life begins at conception and ends at death. Abortion goes against my beliefs and for that I do not support abortions. I do provide exceptions for this, in the case of the mothers life being at stake. Otherwise I feel that abortions should be illegal, and I will continue to fight to keep federal spending from providing tax payer funded abortions at any level. Every year many unborn Americans loose their life to this immoral act. I will stand up and fight to protect life whether it is unborn, born, young, and old. Our citizens are protected by our Constitution, and we should honor their protections afforded within our founding documents.